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2021 Christmas Family Concert

LCCE are excited to announce our first live family concert since nearly two years ago. We are inviting all school-aged young musicians to join us on Sunday 19 December at St Gabriel’s Church near Pimlico to celebrate the upcoming Christmas.

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2021 Summer Orchestra Course

LCCE 2021 Live rehearsal and concert performance is making a comeback in brand new form this summer! Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we have opted for a hybrid approach of both online and offline rehearsals. There will be two orchestras, a senior orchestra with all standard instruments and a junior strings ensemble. We also plan to host a live concert with or without an audience, subject to the government’s official guideline at the time.

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Virtual Music Festival Day

LCCE welcome all young musicians and music lovers to join our Virtual Music Festival Day on the 30th May. We have a packed schedule lasting throughout the day, offering a wide variety of topics and perspectives in relation to learning music, practising on music instruments, and appreciating different elements of music. Whether you are new to learning an instrument, or have years of experience playing, or would simply like to have a taste of what for example composition or conducting is all about, we are sure there will be content that is suitable for your benefit.

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2021 Easter Concert

LCCE are welcoming all to our 2021 Easter Concert!

Our Zoom concert series will return at 5pm on Sunday 11 April to continue with music making and celebrate the Easter holiday. Over the past year, it’s clear that music could help us go through the difficult times and offer us some peace and joy. We really enjoyed your music for the past few Zoom concerts. This time, we hope to see as many of you as possible.

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Virtual Piano Weekend

Following our Virtual Violin and Cello mini courses, LCCE is excited to announce a widely anticipated two-day online mini piano course on the 8th and 9th April. We have the honour to be joined by four highly acclaimed professional pianists and composers to deliver this short intensive course. During the two days, participants will be able to explore with our tutors a variety of techniques and new insights to improve their playing and understanding of the piano music, as well as be exposed to new repertoires, perspectives and ideas which we are sure they will enjoy.

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Virtual Cello Weekend

After the success of the virtual violin weekend, LCCE is excited to announce the online two-day mini cello course on 18th and 19th February. We have invited several highly experienced professional cellists and teachers to deliver this short intensive course. During the two days, participants will be able to learn a variety of techniques and new tips to improve their playing, as well as be exposed to new repertoires which we hope they will enjoy.

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