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London Chinese Children’s Ensemble (“LCCE”) started from a group of music enthusiasts based in London with both their ethnic Chinese roots and the Western culture and traditions in mind. It was set up to promote choral singing and ensemble playing among children across communities, to celebrate the distinctive yet connected music cultures from both the UK and China. In recent years, as relationships between these two countries deepen, LCCE hope to strengthen their cultural links through communication and collaborations between schools and families, and leave a positive social impact by playing a meaningful role in bridging the two countries through music and arts.

LCCE is a not-for-profit organisation. Members of our ensemble largely come from London and other surrounding areas. All the staffs work on a voluntary basis. Since inception LCCE have held numerous public concerts in London. These concerts typically involve an intensive weekly rehearsals followed by a formal performance, open to the general public free of charge. The programme is usually a mixture of choral and instrumental works, with repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary pieces from diverse music traditions. These concerts are very well received and have greatly enhanced music and arts education and sharing, bringing about social cohesion among local communities. In additions, private workshops, family concerts, and other music related activities are held regularly throughout the year.

Since the COVID pandemic, activities of LCCE have largely moved onto the online Zoom platform. Our intensive instrumental and music theory courses, public and private concerts have all been delivered successfully with this new format.

We are always keen to talk to people who share our passion and enthusiasm, and who are willing to take our work further with us together.

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