First Audition Dates

London Chinese Children’s Ensemble will hold its first auditions in the afternoons of 17 and 24 June.

The call for applications has been very successful. We received over 50 applications to our choir and orchestra in just a few days. We’ve decided to have our first round of auditions in the afternoons of 17 and 24 June at the Blüthner Piano Centre. Details about the audition are as follow:


  • Please prepare a piece that you can sing a cappella.
  • Wear comfy clothing!
  •  Find some time to warm up your voice.
  • Have a bottle of water with you so your throat doesn’t get dry.

Auditions for the choir

  • A prepared piece
  • Some scales/arpeggios so that the musical director can determine a singer’s range
  • Some Sight-singing, if you can, it will be your advantage, but it is not necessary
  • Some aural test, including: to sing from memory some notes pattern played twice and to tap the rhythm-pattern of a melody played twice.

Audition for the chamber orchestra

  • A prepared piece of no long than 3 minutes
  • Some sight-reading


Blüthner Piano Centre
6 Baker Street, Portman Square
London W1U 3AA