LCCE has two instruments ensembles: a junior training orchestra and a senior string orchestra. The junior orchestra is open to children playing any music instruments (except piano), aged 7-12, and with a standard of playing between ABRSM grade 3-6. The senior strings orchestra requires a standard of playing at ABRSM grade 6 or above, typically for children aged 8-16.

In the summer, both orchestras go through between 1-2 weeks of intensive rehearsals, followed by a formal public concert, in collaboration with LCCE’s own choir. While we place great emphasis on educational value and ensure the children benefit as much as possible during the learning process, we nevertheless strive to achieve a high artistic standard in our final performance, especially for the senior orchestra. The junior orchestra typically perform classical tunes or film music arranged to their capability, while in contrast the senior orchestra tackle repertoire in their original form.

Since inception, LCCE orchestras have given 6 public performances. Repertoire include both Chinese and western music. In addition, LCCE are also often invited to perform at various events in London. In February 2019, LCCE performed Yao Dance (瑶族舞曲) and Henry Purcell’s Rondeau at the Lord Mayor’s Chinese New Year celebration in London.